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Studying work, or TOPI, is a process used at Laurea, which allows students to utilize the skills they have acquired at work. This competence is recognized as part of the degree.

How does it work?

Your TOPI journey begins with evaluating your work tasks and identifying opportunities for development. When you recognize competences in your work that align with the modules or study courses in the degree curriculum, you can earn study credits through your work.

Once a match between your work competences and the study program's objectives is identified, you can reach out to one of the coaches at Digital Living Lab for a consultation. This consultation will provide you with detailed information on the requirements for recognizing the knowledge gained at work as part of your degree.

Digital Living Lab coaches can also offer guidance on the monitoring process, which involves the student, the supervisor, and potentially the employer.

Combining your studies with a real-life working environment can ensure that your competences and skills align with your goals.

To learn more, please get in touch with the Digital Living Lab coaches.

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