Development Project

The development projects are real work-life projects done in cooperation with Laurea's partner companies. The projects are scoped to size to the credit points of the course and to the study field of digital business. The projects can be also suggested by students if they have suitable partner company and project in mind.

The learning objectives of development project part of course are general work-life competencies like project management skills, cooperation skills, client expectation management and self-management.

Contact the course coach for available projects.

How do I work in a project? What is my role?

Project Methodology

Project work is a lot about self management and communication. It is about filling the role you've agreed in the project group you will take. In practice it is about being active and taking responsibility, doing prioritizing, scheduling, taking notes, keeping everyone informed of your task status etc. Most of all it is management of your own feeling of uncertainty when you're in charge of the outcome.

More about project as a learning environment (and virtual project work) in the Way of Working -section.

See below the informative videos and schemes of project work and project outlines.

More project methodology documentation you can find here.


How are digital services developed? What are the things to consider?

Digital Service Development 

So what are the actual technical, business strategic and service components to look into in the project? These differ greatly between the projects but some generic guidelines can be found.

Get to know some of the best schemes and guides in Content Picks section to get your project started.


How to ensure the project goals are achieved? How to manage the project?

Project Management Tool Trello

Essential for a project to achieve its goals is to know what needs to be done and what is the status of each task. To manage the tasks, schedule and information an easy to use project management tool helps a lot. The project management tool Trello is used to manage the projects of Digital Living Lab.

See below the guides how to use Trello for agile project management.


How to start?

Getting into work

When you have your project group, the project topic and Trello board set up, the next thing is to contact your client and ask for a deep brief of the project goals.

The information gathering of the project's topic you can start by checking the material in the Content Picks section.


If you haven't yet learned how to take notes, now it's the time to start! Good luck!