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The Digital Living Lab is an environment in which students and coaches work close together with partners. The students transfer their knowledge they already acquierd to a real-life project and give the partners new viewpoints of possible solutions.

What are the benefits?

A digital living lab customer can be any business or an organization seeking solutions to its digital challenges. The benefits of outsourcing your projects to students is enabling your organization to gain insight into newest academic developments. It can also introduce you to your potential new employees. But most importantly the deliverables of the project work are set by you and young and motivated minds can assist you in transforming your operations.

Students at Laurea University of Applied Sciences learn about the latest approaches and research in digital service business and marketing. This together with new ideas and the help of the coaches is a big benefit in the development of a project.

If you want to get a project for free developed or more information about being a partner of Digital Living Lab

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